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Phil Hallsworth

Hallsworth Thatching 

Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

What Phil Hallsworth can do

What Phil Hallsworth can do

It is important to maintain your roof with regular care & inspection.

Phil recommends you get your roof checked every 5 years or sooner if you have concerns. You may need some maintenance such as de mossing or a good dress.

Your ridge will probably need replacing every 10 to 12 years.

Main coat should last up to 50 years with Water Reed, up to 25 years with Combed Wheat and Long Straw coat should last up to 20 years.

This will probably change if you are under trees because of moss, the direction of your roof towards wind & sun, pests or storms.

Using only the finest materials - Combed Wheat Reed, Water Reed or Long Straw Phil can provide expert advice on all materials.

Phil can also repoint as long as not above 4 stories. Shropshire area for this service.  

Water Reed

Water Reed roof that has been fixed with hazel spars. Block cut patterned ridge with wrap over in Combed Wheat with cement chimney flaunch.

This roof also required rafter replacements and a re pointed chimney.

Combed Wheat

Combed Wheat roof with block cut patterned ridge with wrap over. Eves and barges hand cut with shears. Fully wired in with galvanised 19mm x 22 gage wire. 

Long Straw 

Long Straw coated roof with flush ridge which is traditional for Long Straw.

Fully wired in with galvanised 19mm x 22 gage wire.

Lighter shaded area is newly thatched and will blend in with older colour thatch over time.


Example of block cut patterned ridge with wrap over at top and full flush ridge on bottom. Both have spar patterns.

The full flush ridge is a half ridge as it is a canopy.

They are wired in with galvanised 19mm x 22 gage wire. 

Garden Features

Here is an out building we did for outside entertaining. There are a couple more pictures on our Projects page if you would like to have some inspiration!


The lighter shade is a patch of fresh thatch to repair existing roof and will blend in colour with older thatch over time.

The whole roof could be dressed and tided as part of process if required.

Repointing now available in Shropshire area

Please contact Phil regarding your requirements. Phil can offer Lime repointing if required.

Property needs to be below 4 stories or a free standing wall that is below 6 meters.